About Wheelienet

What Is Wheelienet?

The Wheelienet Disability Awareness Program is an innovative and interactive sports and education program run by DRSSA. It is used to convey messages of inclusion, spinal injury awareness and activities for people with a disability.

Wheelienet sessions can vary from 1 hour to full days in length and have been structured to suit all ages – from kindergarten to corporates.


Sessions include a wheelchair games component (e.g. racing, weaving through cones, wheelchair basketball etc) and addresses topics such as:

  -  disability in general

  -  the concept of inclusion

  -  accident prevention

  -  a talk from the presenter about his or her story

Schools often use Wheelienet as a medium to not only promote physical activity but to educate students and staff on issues surrounding the topic of disability. Participants learn ways to include other students/staff who have disabilities in sport and play, develop new skills and discuss injury prevention issues.

The program is available throughout all school terms as well as vacation care programs.

You can download a Wheelienet booking form here or call our office for further information – (08) 8234 1533.


Wheelienet aims to deliver its message across the State by educating students, corporate groups and the general community about the skills and abilities of athletes in wheelchairs, whilst highlighting care awareness factors, specifically targeting the age range of the relevant groups.

The importance of Spinal Cord Injury prevention and the benefits of inclusion practices within the wider community are major awareness aims of the program.


To provide a fun and interactive disability awareness program using wheelchairs and basketball to convey the messages.

To raise awareness of wheelchair sports by visiting schools, kindergartens, corporate groups and the wider community across South Australia.

To improve the image and understanding of athletes in wheelchairs to each individual at every talk.

Educate children, teachers and the wider community about various types of disabilities and how they occur.

Promote safety (accident prevention)

Create an understanding of opportunities for people with disabilities to be involved in sport and recreation (disability specific and inclusion opportunities)

Promote a proactive approach to the integration of people with and without disabilities and the right to freedom of choice.

David and the Kids 

Program Overview

The curriculum of the Wheelienet Disability Awareness Program is designed to meet the needs of both schools, students, corporate groups and the wider community to improve their knowledge of disability and wheelchair athletes, whilst reinforcing the importance of being safety-conscious at all age levels.

The Program is offered differently depending on the age range of the participants to best suit their relevant needs and requirements:

- Corporate Groups

- Community Groups

- Kindergarten

- Lower Primary (Reception to Year 4)

- Upper Primary  (Years 5 – 7)

- High School (Years 8 – 12)


For students in kindergarten the major aim of visits is to provide basic knowledge about people in wheelchairs in the community and things they can do to keep themselves safe indoors and outdoors.

Lower Primary, Reception to Year 4

For students in reception through to Year 4 the focus will be on the sports & activities available to people in wheelchairs, the benefits of staying active to everyone in the community, with some discussion on spinal cord injury prevention. A focus is on accident prevention both at school and away from school.

Upper Primary, Years 5-7

Students in Years 5-7 will also cover similar topics, as well as more detailed discussion on spinal cord injury prevention appropriate to the age ranges involved.

High School, Years 8-12

Years 8-12 will deal with similar issues, but will spend half of the presentation discussing spinal cord injury. This includes what the spinal cord does, how this injury affects people who suffer one and how these injuries can be avoided.

Corporate Groups

Corporate Wheelienet aims to break down barriers, encourage team unity, promote understanding and awareness of disability and support a charity that makes a difference. The talk includes general awareness of DRSSA, sports played by wheelchair athletes, driver safety, outdoor safety... through to team building exercises for their company.

Community Groups

General awareness of DRSSA, sports & activities undertaken by people with a physical disability, driver safety, outdoor safety…through to building awareness, connection and understanding within the wider community.