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DRSSA Social programs form an important part of the holistic approach offered by DRSSA to our members.
From offering community support to people that have recently suffered injury or illness that results in disability, we can help to provide a vital link between leaving rehab and retuning home. We can help with this transition to access information, services or a chat with someone who has gone through what you are experiencing.

For those at home who are looking to reconnect socially and may have some spare moments during the day the DRSSA Social club currently runs weekly in the inner southern and soon to be northern suburbs. If you would like to catch up with old friends or maybe make some new ones while playing cards, eightball or having a chat with a cuppa, please contact us. The social club also holds lunches around every two months, come and have an enjoyable afternoon with door prizes and guest speakers. We are looking to include outings and possible short bus trips in the future as we progress. Social programs are a great way of reconnecting with society, take that first step to be the best you can be.


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