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2015 was an exciting year for Disability Recreation and Sport SA, and we think that 2016 will be even more exciting still! We are proud to announce that we have recently established a new law firm, DRS Legal.


The reason for establishing DRS Legal was simple enough: we know that at some point in their life, many people will need to see a lawyer. But for most people, seeing a lawyer is just too expensive. Most lawyers won’t even tell you how much they charge until you’re in their office. The Supreme Court of South Australia publishes a ‘Scale of Costs’, which recommends that lawyers charge $360 per hour. For many people, this is unaffordable. We believe that the core of legal practice should be service to the community, and that everyone should be able to access the justice system at a fair price. That’s why when we established DRS Legal, we made the decision to be totally transparent about legal fees and fix our lawyers’ hourly rates at $280 per hour. We also offer a 10% discount off all fees to members of Disability Recreation and Sport SA or anyone who is a member or employee of a community-based charity or organisation.


Our members know that we’re committed to supporting South Australians living with a disability. With DRS Legal on our side, we will be able to secure more funding for our charity to help the community, and at the same time help South Australians access the justice system at a fair price.


DRS Legal deals with issues such as:


  • Family law matters

  • Financial agreements

  • Intervention orders

  • Wills and estates


If you would like to enquire about any of our services, please feel free to call DRS Legal on 8351 8219 or email us at anthony@drslegal.com.au