What does DRSSA do?

DRSSA (formerly Wheelchair Sports SA) is about people. It brings together all sections of the community whether it be athletes pursuing gold medals at international level or members getting together to have fun and enjoy themselves with friends and family. We offer a range of recreational, social, sporting and support services to people with all physical disabilities regardless of their age, gender, skill levels, cultural or religious backgrounds.

Does DRSSA offer any services in regional areas?

At the moment we don’t have the resources to service the whole of South Australia the way we would like. However we are looking to expand our services to near regional areas and are working hard towards establishing links with groups who support people with a disability across the state.

Please go to our ‘About Us’ tab and click on Links in the drop down menu. We have listed several organisations who do offer services to people in regional areas

Do I have to be a wheelchair user to participate?

No, you don't have to be a regular wheelchair user to participate in our programs. 

‘At DRS we cater for a wide range of people with a physical disability including, but not limited to spinal injuries, amputees, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and acquired brain injuries. We also have a number of sports where able-bodied people compete alongside people with a disability e.g. wheelchair basketball, hand cycling, target shooting etc. All our Recreation and Social programs are designed so everyone can join in.

Can I bring my friends and/or family members?

Yes. All of our programs are fully inclusive and DRS members are encouraged to bring their friends and family members to participate. Click on the ‘Get Involved’ tab to see the many ways friends & family can take part.

How much does membership cost?

When you join DRSSA, you pay an annual registration fee of $25.00 (or $15.00 junior / concession). This entitles you to access all our Member benefits. On top of the registration fee, you pay your sport / recreation / social membership. These costs are entirely dependent on your choice of activity – some are seasonal, some are basic course costs, other activities are free to members. For all our membership information, click on the Get Involved tab at the top of this page.

What if I don't have my own equipment?

Don't worry. If you don't have your own sports equipment, our programs have equipment for DRS members to borrow or hire. Please contact our office or your individual program coordinator to arrange.

Do you have activities for kids?

Yes, for juniors we have the Active Kids program that runs from September - March each year in Goodwood. For more information please go to the Active Kids page in the Sports section or click on the link below. Most of our Sport & Recreation programs are open to all ages.


Do you have activities for electric wheelchair users?

Yes. Push and Powered Sports are ideal for users of electric wheelchairs. This group plays soccer, hockey and touch football from September - March. Go to the Sports section of the web site for all information on the individual activities.

What recreational & sport opportunities are offered?

‘To see all our programs, click on the Activities tab at the top of the page and choose Sport, Recreation or Social from the drop-down menu. Everything we offer is listed under one of these headings.’


What Paralympic sports do you offer?

A number of our sports are Paralympic sports including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, handcycling and wheelchair tennis. We work closely with the Australian Paralympic Committee and State Sporting Organisations to create development pathways to assist members to progress to State, National and Paralympic competitions. Please visit the individual sport pages for further information.


Athletes and aspiring athletes, who are registered, can access small grants to assist them in developing their skill levels, attending competitions and training costs. You can download the DRSSA Sports Grant Application 2018/19 form here.


Do you work with any other organisations?

Yes. Apart from our work with the Australian Paralympic Committee and State Sporting Organisations we also work with other organisations such as Novita, SCOSA, SASRAPID and local councils. Links to many of the organisations we work with can be found throughout the web site on the individual information pages e.g. Wheelchair Tennis / Tennis SA.


What kind of support services do you offer?

We have a Community Support Officer who is based at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre every Thursday to help with the transition between leaving rehab and returning home. Our Community Support Officer is also available for talks to interested groups and works closely with individuals to assist them in any way we can. Click on the Support Services tab at the top of the page for more information. We also administer a Small Grants Scheme for athletes.


Do you visit schools?

Yes. We have a disability awareness program known as Wheelienet. Wheelienet educates students of all ages on the kinds of sports and activities available to people with a physical disability as well as reinforcing the importance of spinal injury safety.


You can download the Wheelienet brochure What-Is-Wheelienet.pdf and a booking form Wheelinet-Booking-Request-Form.pdf or click on the Support Services tab at the top of the page for further information