About Us

Disability Recreation & Sport SA was formerly known as Wheelchair Sports SA. Wheelchairs Sports SA began in South Australia over 45 years ago to provide opportunities for people with a physical disability to access sport. From its inception to 1982 it was a sub-committee of the Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Association of South Australia. In 1987, Australian sport organisations decided to standardise their names so the organisation changed its name to Wheelchair Sports SA.

From 1987 – 2012, WSSA concentrated their activities on competitive sporting activities, producing a number of elite athletes who went on to represent Australia at several Paralympic Games and World Championships. You’d know some of their names – Libby Kosmala, Matthew Cowdrey, Rod Farr and Tim Maloney OAM.

However it soon became clear that not everyone who wanted to be involved was keen to play sport.

With the advent of the Australian Paralympic Committee and many national sports bodies embracing people with a disability into their overall sports programs, DRS needed to change its focus from solely sport to more of an ‘umbrella’ organisation catering to the many & varied interests of all its members. So in 2012 the organisation changed its name to Disability Recreation & Sport SA to better reflect its expanding commitment to recreation, social and support activities that were not built around a sports focus.

DRS are governed by a Board of Directors and rely heavily on donations and grants to maintain its services.

With over 500 members from across South Australia who regularly engage in over 20 sports and many recreational & social activities every week, DRSSA is going from strength to strength in it’s unwavering commitment to people with a disability, their families and friends.